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Dirty Weekend - Rat Race 2014

So back in December 2012 Oliver's Daddy, Paul thought it was a good idea to sign up to an Ultra Event. Bearing in mind he generally doesn't do much cardio vascular activities and hasn't done any running for about 8 years it probably wasn't the most sensible of ideas. Not only did he complete the 20 mile course in 2013 he signed up for it again this year! So let's find out a bit more about the 'Rat Race'. Or view what happened in 2013.



The Rat Race is a large obstacle course held at Burghley House for the first time. The company have put on many similar events and have years of experience of building truly amazing courses. There is the choice of the 'half mucker' which consists of 13 miles, 15 zones and 150 obstacles to tackle. Or the 'full mucker' which consists of 20 miles, 20 zones and 200 obstacles. His Daddy is aiming to complete the 'half mucker' but can always attempt the extra 7 miles on the day if he has the energy!?! Here are the official videos of some of the zones to be tackled:



The event is being at Burghley House on the Saturday 10th May. Spectators are more than welcome to come and support on the day.



Oliver's Daddy is doing this as a sponsored event to help raise money for the Histiocytosis Research Trust. Hopefully you can understand the true challenge of this difficult event. He has put in hundreds of miles of running which has included getting up and running before work in the dark and cold. Also attempting long runs at the weekends (over 11 mil es!) which is not easy in the snow. Also over 500 miles on his road bike. He has also been eating healthy salads at work and cutting down on alcohol consumption. So he has made a lot of lifestyle changes to be in good shape for this extreme challenge.


How can you help?

As mentioned all his effort and pain is to raise money for the Histiocytosis Research Trust in memory of Oliver, his son. If you can spare any pennies at all please visit his Just Giving page. So Please dig deep and raid the piggy bank just like Oliver was doing here.....


Who else is involved?

There are also some equally crazy people who have not only signed up for this event but also taken on the challenge of raising money towards our 10k target.

  • Alex Moore - Works at the Stamford Mercury alongside Oliver's Mummy Andrea. He is a keen footballer and is up for the extra challenge. Here is his Just Giving page.


Action Photos

Here are some publicity photos of Paul practising at Burghley. All photos taken by Ed Jackson and are copyrighted, however they can be used with permission and high resolution images available on request.





And here is a video from Trek and Run from 2013 using a head mounted Go-Pro camera, I also feature in at at around 14 seconds: